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Together, we live United. A message from United Way worldwide

United Way uses its global reach and local presence to build stronger communities, aiming to improve the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community.

Our world looks different than anyone imagined a few year ago. Whether it’s because of the war in Ukraine, COVID’s economic impact or rising costs and inflation – it’s a challenging time. Today, the most vulnerable – including low-income ethnic and racial minorities, the youngest and oldest in under-resourced communities, and anyone who was barely getting by before – are struggling more than ever.

That’s why United Way steps up, wherever needed.

We’re responding to immediate needs. We’re helping people recover – and rebuild. We’re a vital force in building strong, equitable communities where everyone can thrive.

As the world’s largest privately funded nonprofit, United Way is at work in 95% of the U.S. and across 40+ countries and territories. We take community-building seriously, but we do it with a global reach and hyper-focus. We help people invest in local solutions, bringing people together – through charitable giving, volunteerism or public policy advocacy – to make life better for their neighbors.

What connects us across communities? A belief that people want to help each other. An understanding that education, financial stability, and health are the cornerstones of a good life.

Our experience and expertise tell us that single-issue or one-size-fits-all solutions won’t create the lasting change needed. Instead, we join hands with millions to tackle the toughest problems in our society.

United Way made life better for 48 million people across the world last year. But we didn’t do it alone: we partnered with 45,000 companies, including more than half of the Fortune 500.

All told, we helped almost 8 million people invest in their own communities, 2.5 million volunteer in meaningful ways, and thousands and thousands make themselves heard to policymakers.

Together, we can make a difference.

Together, we can Live United.